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Internet pics of beautiful Roaches


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Polyzosteria mitchelli


Canopy Cockroach


Genus Xestoblatta (From Costa Rica)


Pill Roach (Perisphaerus)



female Catara rugosicollis

found in Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak.


Aptera fusca



Euzosteria sordida


Gyna lurida "Yellow" (Yellow Porcelain Roach)

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How did you post the photos it won't let me?

Where is your problem ? In the forum or in the site that has the photo ?

I right click on the image and I choose "copy image location".

Note: if it´s on "www.flickr.com" you need to keep pressed the "left click" and slide it over the photo so it will be surronded by a blue coulour, then use "copy image location".

Then I go to the forum and I click on the "picture symbol" below the "smile" and I right click on the space where you have to put an URL and I select "paste".

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You are right.......except for the first image link the Forum doesn´t accept the image extension.

All other photos I posted didn´t had this problem...only the Forum Admin can solve this.

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