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holy moly I swear I plugged up every possible escape route for the G.Portentosa lol! I keep finding little nymphs here and there. Every roach enthusiast I have spoken with has just told me they tend to be escape artists. I am determind to keep them in their enclousures. I love my roaches. The rest of my family would probably scream at the sight of a tiny nymph lol. I think I shall buy two small containers....After years of roaches...I've realized I don't like my bigger bins....as much as my smaller ones with locking lids and small mesh air ways....so now I start the process of switching every species over to smaller containers....even if I have to split some colonys. <3

Think it's about time to ad a few new species to the collection : - P

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Hi there.

There are department stores that sell food containers for dogs that are airtight and pest proof. If you want a large amount of hissers you shold bite the bullet and pay the price. Trying to make a top requires tools and skill depending on what your makeing a top for.

Office depot sells a smaller container for files to prevent them from getting wet.


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I'm with you Briene, the petroleum jelly is the nasty joke we all face with breeding hissers. It's great for the adults because they have weight, but the nymphs race across it like there's no tomorrow. LOL

What I've done is taken weatherstrip seal tape..(it's a self adhesive foam) and gone around my 27 Qt locking lid sterilite tub and it actually does seal when you close it. Use the thinnest size seal...it's 3/8 wide x 5/16 thick and you get 2 ten ft rolls in a pack for little to nothing....I paid $1 at walmart for it on clearance.

I also have a 20 gal tank of hissers, and for that one I used the thicker foam and I believe I have got them on "lock-down" finally!

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I have ordered from amazon Teflon adesive tape and I will see how it will perform.


Don´t buy the small white ones that are for plumbing, they are weak and aren´t adesive at all.

I have a lot of Javanica nymphs escaping.

One appeared in the kitchen, other in the bathroom, another one near my books...

I tried the "weatherstrip seal tape" (as proposed by 910eckogal) and they steal escape.

In fact they force all the way, they press down the foam and walk between it and the container wall...they do it without being squashed !!

If everything fails you can put all the nymphs on a small "tupperware box" (it´s air proof so make tiny holes to allow them to breed).

I don´t know if they need to eat adults poop to obtain the gut bacteria so they can digest food (as said by Keith).

If Keith is right you need to had some adults to the tupperware box so they will have poop when they need (...I don´t belive I have written this...)

Another aproach is to glue a tissue to the top of box. That tissue will have a long zip across it so you can open it.




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