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Dubia nymph survives in my room for 2 weeks

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I guess when I was cleaning out the tank one got away and hid in my room. I was vacuuming under my dresser when suddenly I saw a nymph run out, he was thin but healthy. It's been two weeks since cleaning the tank I thought cockroaches couldn't live in a room that's so dry? He actually shed his skin too while loose, crazy!

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some species can survive a long time out of their tank. I've already found a Rhyparobia sp. gold a few months after it escapes, it has shed too, but wasn't really active, it was hidden between my books. A friend of mine told me about a Princisia vanwaerebecki pair (wich are probably hybrids or Gromphadorhinb) that escape, hide beside a warrobe or something, and stay there for months too... And they were inactive.

I think loads of species can survive a long time out of the tank, but they won't get babies and be active, they just stay there, waiting for better temperatures, for, other roaches or something ;)

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I had cleaned out my dubia tank, double-bagged the substrate (figured there would be a few nymphs mixed into it) and completely forgot to put it outside in the trash can.... for like three months.... It was really late at night that time and I was tired, so I had meant to toss it into the front spare room until morning so the cats wouldn't get into it. We weren't using that room for anything and had no reason to go in there and it completely slipped my mind that I had done it.

I was unfortunately reminded of it several months later when my husband went in there to move some boxes around and started screaming at me that my roaches got loose. :lol: I found about a dozen huge nymphs, so they must have been having fun in there since I know there wasn't anything larger than a 1/4 inch when I bagged them. They had chewed through the plastic and where molting fine - and this was the dead of winter without any heat in there so they were doing it in probably 55 degrees. I think they all lived once I "rescued" them and tossed them back into their proper tank.

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