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Red & Brown Roaches

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Re: Red & Brown Roaches

Posted by John J Starr Jr on 1/7/2006, 5:21 am, in reply to "Red & Brown Roaches"

The red ones that I have actually seen in person are more of a red/orange coloration with some black in the nymphs coloration of the Blatta_lateralis which are simular in size to a brown cricket. They are a pretty neat looking animal and they can move...


I personally prefer the the Blaberus species which are varius colors depending on species. I have...

Blaberus discoidalis

Blaberus parabolicus

Blaberus craniifer

Blaberus fusca


Blaptica dubia

...which is one of favorites right now. Since I aquired my 150 Blaptica _dubia nymphs about 6 months ago I am just now currently having a huge population explosion in nymphs.

John J Starr Jr


Link: http://www.angelfire.com/wy2/raisingexoticroaches

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