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Roaches liked plant light mimicking sunlight


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I'm growing plants indoors, and one day my plant light got turned around, the light mimics sunlight so plants can be grown indoors.

The light was aimed at my roach tank in one corner. I go over and see a few dubia basking in the light! My room is close to 80 F so its already warm, you would think seeing UVA/UVB rays would make the roaches hide, but no they enjoyed it for about 10 minutes then went away to hide.

Even though roaches are nocturnal outside even at night there is still ultraviolet light shining on them. I wonder if they somehow benefit from small doses of "sunlight" each day?

Mabye keep the light on away from the tank so it doesn't overheat, but gets a sight amount of light on it, then at night turn it off to replicate day/night cycle.

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I have been raising my e.posticus colony under a fluorescent plant light to see if nymphs raised under the light would be more diurnal and was surprised to find that the adult would "bask" under the light.

The tank i use is somewhat tall and as far as i can tell it isnt any warmer under the light. I use 3" heat tape along the back of the tank the roaches will spend most of there time next to the heat when the room is cold rather than sitting under the liight so i assume heat is not there motivation.

I keep the light on about 12 hours a day they still mostly seem to feed at night and i only ever notice mature roaches "basking".

I would be interested in anyone elses observations. 8607987567_15788f9f92_c.jpg

DSC_0010 by monostomatic, on Flickr no flash just hanging out in the light

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