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Impermable alternatives to Egg Crates


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-------- About the climbing ability on plastic:

Mr CrackerPants:

I belive that sanded plastic egg crates are easly climbable.

The hissers don´t use a sanded surface to climb, they use a irregular (non flat) surface to climb.

I have seen them climbing and in fact they "hug" 2 vertical irregular zones to climb.




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I know this is old and I don't have an alternative to egg crates but I do have a source for free ones. If you can find any local restaurant that does a booming breakfast business and you ask nicely you may be able to score a bunch for free. I had a cook from a local diner bring me some every time he came in. I traded a dozen crickets for anywhere between 10 and 20 flats twice a week. After I stacked up about 5 or 6 hundred of them I had to back off.

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