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Rhino roaches

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WOW this thread got really derailed!!

Nick that was my bad I did not read your post correctly.

I completly forgot about the imoprtation ban. But last time I saw one it was 2000...and they were the size of a small cutie orange. A old friend of mine has seen them there in 2010 he sent me a text of it.

Funny that exotic roaches are illegal in FL but hissers still get imported thru here.

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I don´t know if Elliptorhina laevigata is illegal in USA but I think they will be avaiable in Europe next year.

Is this species illegal in USA ?

Does anyone knows the price ?

I am not aware of anyone in the U.S. that possesses them. We have 2 other Elliptorhina speceis in the U.S.

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They live 10 years.

For that price I would buy a lot of exotic millipedes,

A lot of exotic millipeds photos here:






10 year life span wow!!! If I had those, I could become attached to each one. Any species you know that live as long or longer?

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