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Comparison of Eublaberus species as feeders.

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If you've got enough " ivory " to use as feeders ..... I'll buy 20-40 from you!!!! :) I really want them !! As far as Eublaberus as feeders, I've got 4 species and they all seem to be about the same as nymphs/ subadults.. Semi hard shell and burrowers... I'm trying to use them as feeders but I just like Eublaberus so much I keep seeing them as " pet " roaches !!

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we have used both E.posticus and E.sp ivory as feeders the biggest problem with them is the defensive odor more so with E.posticus

we feed bearded dragons and jacksons chams

if your looking for great feeders most of the Blaberus Roaches are great

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