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Roses and Hibiscus


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Ok so I have numerous amounts of dehydrated rose petals and hibiscus petals that I use for my hermit crabs that are all natural and pesticide free. Well the problem is, is I'm getting so much extra from my happily flowering plants (it's spring and all) and being me I don't like to waste any so I've still been dehydrating them. I was wondering if both plants would be a safe bet to feed to the roaches? The rose is a miniature rose, don't know if that matters but I'll put it out there.

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Well technically I have been feeding a few fresh here and there to my hermit crabs, but it's getting to the point where my flowers are over running the possibility of me being able to keep up with them if I feed fresh. So I'm just feeding some fresh right now to the hermies, and soon to be to the roaches ^^ and then in the winter when everything goes more dormant I will still have flowers to feed when I have nothing to feed fresh at the time. I'm so glad I can feed the roaches flowers though because I am up to my ears in flower petals XD

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