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What kind of hisser?


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I hope this is on the right board.

I got these guys a couple of months ago under the name 'Madagascar Hissing Cockroach' which, I assumed, meant I was getting G. portentosa, but I've been looking at other people's hissers and I'm not sure, they look a different colour to the other G. portentosa I see, which are more yellowish-orange and black, whereas these are more reddish-brown and black, and really, rather beautiful creatures.

Are they a different colour morph? A different species? Some kind of hybrid?

Anyway, I took a photo to help, male is at the bottom, female at the top.


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Thank you for your help guys, I understand it's impossible to be certain. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous, I'm hoping if they breed the nymphs end up the same reddish colour, it's quite spectacular.

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It's hard to say for certain, but looking at my male's pronotum, the front edge, where you can see there's a kind of up-turn where the head is, the curve of that seems narrower and more pronounced in my male than that of G. portentosa in the images, with a lot more of those dimple-like bumps, and it just generally looks more 'streamlined' in shape. So if I was pressured into going for any of them, I'd say G. oblongata is the one he resembles the most.

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