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How long after molting will a female I. deropeltiformis mate?

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I have an adult female Ischnoptera deropeltiformis and I had an adult male. The female molted to adult and I kept them together for about 4 days or more. Would they have mated? The male died.

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She died today. :( Maybe next year or in a few months I can find some more.

Awwe, I'm sorry to here too. It's hard to lose pets no matter what kind they are. 23 years ago, an exterminator devestated my wild roach population. As if not enough, he found and wiped out the one's I'd protected in tanks!
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Caught two more females, one sub-adult and one adult. I caught an adult male too but I think it died of old age or starvation. It only lived one day after I caught it and so I do not think it mated during that time with the female but I caught him just a few meters from the two females so I guess they mated? Anyway the adult female is laying an ootheca YAY! The adult male was eaten up before I could see it the next morning. I saw it in the night and it was a lot weaker and slower than when I caught. Is it normal for adult male I. deropeltiformis to be kind of slow compared to Parcoblatta? The two I had were but this one died soon after I got it, the other one lived for a while.

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