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What type of Roach!

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Hey everyone! Well I was moving some dead rotting wood around the back yard to put in my hissers cage. I was cleaning out their cage the other day and found this guy in there. i dont know if he was hiding in the wood or what. For reference I live in Baytown, TX. I sent an email to Texas A&Ms entomology dept. and they could not help me. So anyways, I am hoping some of you guys and gals might be able to help. Without further ado..........


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Awesome! That is the correct id! The black band across the eyes is a dead giveaway! But now this has me concerned that the pet store that sold these to me might not have sold me hissers. I am new to roaches so I took their word for it. Here is a pic of what was sold to me as a hisser. Let me know what yall think.


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