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Roach suggestions for an enclosure

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I recently set up a terrarium with live plants that measures 18x 18x 12, but couldn't decide what kind of roach to put in it. I was leaning more to a roach from the blaberus genus. The roach species would have to not reproduce very fast (Blaberus discoidalis), since the terrarium is not very big, and not climb glass.

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In my experience most roaches that will stay above the substrate where you can see them can also climb glass! I have Black Tiger Hissers that stay out all the time now that they're adults. They're slow, mellow and really pretty. Even though they can climb glass they don't work on escaping - they just hang out on the glass once in a while!

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In my experience ALL nymphs hide. The Black Tiger Hissers hid as nymphs but are out all the time now as adults. I have Red-heads - and there's usually someone out during the day with more of them out at night (these are REAL escape artists and glass climbers).

I think the Peppered Roaches will be out as adults - but they're still nymphs - so I'll wait and see! Also - Peppered Roaches can't climb - so they might be a good option, too. The main thing is - unless you start out with adults - you'll just have to be VERY patient and wait for your nymphs to grow up! :)

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