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Do you accept donations

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I was set up at a reptile show today and a guy comes along and asks if I accept donations. Then he hands me a large kritter keeper with several hundred hissers (easily) of all sizes. Can't say no to free bugs right, even if they are climbers.

I've had hissers before and I have always wanted to set up a nice display tank for them but I never did because I don't care for climbers but I guess I'll never get a chance like this again.

How many Male hissers could I put in a 10 vertical or 10 gallon hex tan? Would a dozen be too many?

I'm just worried that this display might lead to more, You know bugs are like potato chips, you can't have just one. In this case just one kind.

Anyway, I'm off to peruse the "enclosures" forum to maybe get some ideas.

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I have 21 male and 19 female adult hissers in a 10 g. And theres still room for more. They like to crowd together, just clean the tank often, they poop a lot and its mouse poop size. Lol

But do they really like being crowded? http://www.researchg...8262a4b4e87.pdf

(ignore any prompts to join, click on the "view" on the right)

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I have had escapees from my old colony of hissers. If you live anywhere like me, in Minnesota, they wont live too long outside of the enclosure either because its too cold, too clean (no food), or too dry.

Also, I have a clip on style screen top and have yet to lose any this time around...

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Yes, we accept donations!

Oh, I thought you were asking if we accept donations for supporting the forum. Darn! I suppose I should probably open a new group on this forum as we have on Mantidforum for "Forum Supporters". It would help me out with the $25 or whatever I pay per month. Still, I know that Orin's time in with moderator is probably the more valuable of the two forms of support.

Anyway, if you put some egg crates in there or any other "furniture" that increases surface area, it helps with the colony vs. moderate cage-size issue.

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