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Sarawak Cockroach IDs?

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I'm co-authoring a paper of which cockroaches from Sarawak are a component. Attached are 4 cockroach species involved in our system.

I'd appreciate any help in getting me on my way toward identifying them... this includes identifying these guys down as far as possible (genus?) and where I might find a good key for cockroaches from this region.

Thanks in advance.





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With most of these it's hard to get them to family considering we can't see the hide femora clearly. The leftmost one would appear to be a species of Neostylopyga however the shape of the mouthparts is much too pointed and it appears smaller. I would not rule out Periplaneta for the second individual but unless there's something off with the contrast it's much too dark to be P. fuliginosa. The next individual may be another Periplaneta. The last picture is of some Ectobiid but there are many species in that family.

**EDIT- I would not be surprised if the first picture is a nymph of the species in the last picture.

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