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Fatal aborted ooth?


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My last hisser was found dead this morning. I wasn't present as I was abroad and have only just arrived home.

She was in the care of my elder brother, who is not entirely knowledgeable about cockroaches but was simply following my instructions and he started frantically messaging me yesterday saying that she was trying to give birth... naturally I was a little suspicious of that because she lives alone, but eventually it was decided that she was aborting an ootheca, presumably an infertile one, but she has been with males in the past, so it could theoretically have been fertile.

She passed the ooth and was then behaving normally, eating, walking, hiding, hissing, but this morning she was flat-out dead.

This is the only image I was sent, I'm afraid I have no better ones. Was it an ootheca? Is it normal for a roach to die after aborting? What could have caused it?

He misted her tank just before he realised something was up, which is why she has water on her.

EDIT - After I got the tank back, it turned out the ooth was not totally aborted after all, as there were six healthy nymphs in the tank... this is more and more mysterious, anybody had the same problems?


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