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Peppered Roaches Eating Each other


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I've now read several cases of cannibalism in various Blaberus species. I would like to know what causes this as well. Fort. I've never experience this with any of my Blaberus species. My Blaberus diet contains a fair amount of rotting wood pieces , a lot of eco earth / sphagnum moss and dead leaves mix , 3 or so inch of substrate , spring mix / romaine lettuce leaves , various fruits / veggies , organic dog / cat food , fish flakes .... and I do mist in their containers about three times a week. I've never experience cannibalism.... this setup and husbandry practice goes with my Pepper Roaches as well.

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I haven't had much cannibalism with my orange heads. I feed them a similar diet ex kept no wood. They have been doing a whole lot better since I started powdering the dry cat food. They were not reproducing before then. They are notorious wing biters and I have found they chew wings and eventually kill the chewed wing ones if I don't change the water crystals daily to every other day.

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