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Blaberus discoidales and Archimandrita tesselata Questions


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I've tried to google / bing information on how B. discoidales and A. tesselata live about their days in the field/wild .... What temps do these two species like best ? Are B. discoidales found in caves ? Do A. tesselata live on the forest floor with rotting wood and vegetation ? Do any of these two species like more protein in their diet ? What country and particular area ? What animals predation on these roaches ? and any other interesting information about either of these two species ........... thanks !

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Unfortunately there isn't that much info on roaches. People just don't care enough to research them. It's a shame, as they're really some of the most fascinating creatures out there...

There are a few books out there though. I got a pretty good one from my university library...

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I think I remember Matt K found an Archimandrita species living on tree trunks in Costa Rica. The best places to look for info like you want would be scientific journals, records of field trips, and the small number of dedicated roach books.

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