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Hi First Experience with Cockroaches, any thoughts/opinions?


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I started my Cockroach collection about a month and a half ago. I started with a simple Box of Dubaispost-3287-0-30520200-1384128088_thumb.jpgpost-3287-0-35959900-1384128599_thumb.jpg

They gave birth in roughly 27days after buying them and setting them up. I was over joyed :D! post-3287-0-56179100-1384128595_thumb.jpgpost-3287-0-35954900-1384128419_thumb.jpgpost-3287-0-37182400-1384128730_thumb.jpg

I also got so e madagascar hissing cockroaches around the same time, but theyhaven't given birth yet.

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Welcome! Both to the hobby and to the forum! Although judging from the fact you had a litter that fast, you're doing pretty well on your own!

I don't really have any thoughts or opinions aside from that, but definitely ask away on the forums if you're ever unsure about something, normally you get a response pretty snappy, and everyone is so nice and knowledgeable here.

Plus, definitely pleased to see another UK hisser keeper!

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