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Dubia colors??

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If by "wing buds" you mean the parts of the exoskeleton on a nymph where the wings will be when it matures, then you probably have a very light colored nymph who will mature into something similar to the picture I posted. If it ends up female, it might be brightly colored with orange spots and wings. This would be, I assume, what a lot of the natural population would look like. I mean, one of their common names is "orange spotted roach", yet most of the specimens that I've seen were almost fully brown and black.

A lot of the captive population is, in my opinion, very ugly because of the way that we breed them and perhaps the quality of the stock that it was started with. I'm attempting to separate out the light ones and start my own little colony of the "pretty" ones now, because I think they're great pets and are often demeaned by their "feeder" status. I sort of dislike the "feeder" and "pet" monikers because, though I know they're helpful, it kinda puts certain species below others.

Sorry for ranting :P

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It's ok to rant. I want to hear feed back :). I want to start a lighter colony now just to see if I can. I want to do an expirement. I want to see if I can change dubia colors with the reptisun bulb and natural sun light. Why do you guys think? And sorry I can't post a picture. It says the file is to big.

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I already did this experiment. :)

All you need to do is breed light males with light females and you'll see results in their offspring.

A great diet and enclosure increases health and results, but diet doesn't affect color and the bulb won't either plus roaches hide from the light.

Here is my thread with photos. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=4329&st=0

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