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Strange Blaberus giganteus

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Hi all!

Well, last week, while feeding my roaches, I noticed this guy... And I say "oh! It probably just molted" and didn't annoy him. This week, I saw him again and think the same... But I had no new adults. So I decided to wait a whole night, so that a normal male would have taken his coulrs. But when I came back this morning, I noticed that this was his colour: this guy is nearly white!

Check it out!


with a normal male:



normal male: brown antennae and legs:


my "white guy": yellow antennae and very clear legs:



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Might be an issue with humidity in your setup or something. I've seen this happen when I used to keep them, but they never lasted long afterwards. Or it could just be a fluke, I doubt it would ever transfer this light coloration through breeding.

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