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Cockroach In Rihanna's "What Now" Music Video


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So I was just checking up on pop culture on youtube and I saw a cockroach in Rihanna's new (?) music video. I can't upload a screenshot, as the file is too big, but it can be clearly seen with some other insect at 3:45 (3 minutes, 45 seconds) and again at 3:52 in the video. The two insects are communicating face to face. It's only quickly flashed, but I somehow knew what I saw and went back and paused it.

This proves the reality of my addiction. :D

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I'm a little addicted to Rihanna too. ^_^ What's the name of the song/video?

I've never been much of a Rihanna fan, what I meant was that my addiction to cockroaches is always in the back of my mind, so much so that I was thinking about them even when I was watching a frickin' Rihanna music video.

"What Now" is the name of the video. I actually kind of like the song.

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