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Black Periplaneta americana


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Hi Guys,

long time I write here. Let me post some interesting pics. There is a 13 years old Periplaneta americana colony. And suddenly a black color morph showed up!

Here are some pictures:



I do not know are there any possibilities that they are hybrids or not. Let's start the discuss. :) They are our roaches of course.



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I saw some black P. americana on the facebook page "Roach Paradise" and I wonder if these are the same...

Here is the picture from facebook:


Posted by Dominik Gruber

Anyone hear anything else about these in the hobby?

The guy on Roach paradise says he is not the same person, so this morph has been found at least 2x.

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I noticed that Shipi's roaches look like they've got clearer hearts on their pronotums! I would isolate them and call them all love bugs. :)

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