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Is Princisia vanwaerebeki a synonym on Gromphadorhina portentosa?

The genus is a synonym, but exactly what qualifies the different Gromphadorhina as species is up for debate. The males all have the same genitalia and for this reason even the seemingly more defined species interbreed readily (such as G. portentosa, G. oblongonota, and the less defined "Princisia"). Taxonomists trying to tackle this problem quickly discover the pronotum structure varies greatly in these animals across Madagascar and in the end the presently described species may warrant subspecific status at best.
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This answers so many questions, I often wondered why these 'species' that were so closely related that they could interbreed and produce hybrids had different genus names, and why they simply weren't referred to as subspecies. Because I've always heard that Princisia vanwaerebecki shouldn't be kept with G. portentosa or G. oblongonota because they will hybridise, and that made no sense to me. Thanks for explaining Orin!

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