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Microtomus purcis


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Assassins bugs creep me out.almost like a phobia...

Where can I get some to get over my fear of them?

Any care tips?

Breeding tips?

Double Ds have some Platymeris available right now. Otherwise, you'll have to get them from people online.

Care and breeding can vary a lot depending on species so you have to be specific about which species you plan on getting.

Oh and check out this group.


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Those guys are so excellent. I only have 2 colonys of assassins but they are by far my favorite predators. Im glad they are doing well for you hopefully these will be more available in the future. :)

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The melanistic individuals are neat. Funny how some pictures on google show adults that lack the red stripes on their hind femora, yet that one has them despite everything else being black.

Do you keep all the adults communally? Do they cluster together on bark and other surfaces like Platymeris?

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