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Microtomus purcis


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4 hours ago, Salmonsaladsandwich said:

The melanistic individuals are neat. Funny how some pictures on google show adults that lack the red stripes on their hind femora, yet that one has them despite everything else being black.

Do you keep all the adults communally? Do they cluster together on bark and other surfaces like Platymeris?

The one without red coloration is probably another species, Microtomus luctuosus. They look nearly identical to purcis but lack the red coloration on their femur. Interestingly they seem to be able to hybridize together cause a friend of mine found several specimens in his area that looked like a mix between purcis and luctuosus, and he finds both species in that area. 


I keep my adults communally with a piece of egg flat. They aren't entirely communal but adults get along fine with each other as long as they are well fed :)

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On 2/24/2018 at 1:42 PM, Cariblatta lutea said:

3rd generation produced some oddities; two melanistic males!

Here's a pic of one 

So pretty! :D

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44 minutes ago, Cariblatta lutea said:

Yep :) Makes them quite attractive doesn't it? 

It really does, the jet black body coloration and the red hind-leg highlights contrast very nicely! :)

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