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Male roaches getting excited, don't know why

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The title probably drew you here lol, let's keep it clean ha ha!

I have an all male tank of dubia and hissers, no females. Every so often every male in the tank simultaneously will become hyper and start running around, jumping, and going after one another. This is usually what happens when virgin females are introduced it gets them excited and they fight for the right to mate. But I have no females anywhere, so what triggers this behavior? Also it affects both the dubia and Hisser at the same time, so I don't think its imitation of female scent as I'm sure female dubia and hissers would smell different. All males are affected for like an hour or two then stop and it can be days, weeks, or months before it happens again, no way of predicting.

Are they affected by earths magnetic fields or temperature change?

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I have a tank with all male hissers too, and I've noticed this as well. I think it might just be a territorial behavior, or it might have something to do with having just all males together.

So your saying maybe one male starts a fight, causing a chain reaction aggravating the rest and leads to riot-like behavior of them all? Mabye they are more like humans than we think!

Think about protestors, one fight breaks out and everyone at once gets super angry causing a huge brawl with a large group of people, mabye animals kept together so close (males anyway) have similar reactions once in a while?

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I suspect that one male starts a fight with another then they end up bumping into another male that then gets involved and so on. Basically what you said. I do observe the males that are kept together (no females) tend to get into fights more often than the ones that are with females.

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