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ID Needed - Backyard in Albuquerque

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Forcep, thank you!!! I just looked them up on Google and it looks like the common name might be Ebony Bug.

Attached is a picture I found on a site that called them a type of Guyana True Bug. I wonder what they are good for? Maybe the little blue tailed lizards around here eat them...

Thank you so much for identifying them for me!


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You are both right! Family: Thyreocoridae Species: Cydnoides renormatus. This forum is so awesome. Thank you!

So I think it isn't the Ebony Bug then because it looks exactly like the picture of Cydnoides renormatus that I found on the web.

Amazing what you can find in the backyard when you stop to look :) Doesn't seem to be much info on the web about them - at least info that non-entomologist-type-people like me can understand.



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