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seemingly random deaths and also?


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Hello, everybody,

I have been breading my hissers for about eight months now, I started out with 25 and now I have over a hundred and more on the way. I have a 45 gallon tank with plenty of vertical space for all of them to move around. I mist thier cage about twice a day and make sure they have dog food and carrots or squash all the time. I replace the veggies daily.

Recently I have been having afew deaths. I have also noticed a lot of my hissers all crowd in one spot and dont come out a lot. occasionally I'll see them come out but I have had all nighters before and I would check on them periodically to see what they were up to.

I had a very strange death though. I had one that looked like it had molted recently and had died a few hours afterwards because he was still mostly white and rigamortus hadnt set in. I took him out of the cage and set him off to the side while I continued to investigate for more dead bodies. after about ten minutes I heard a pop and the dead one had flattened and it looked like its guts had pushed all the way to the bottom.

does anybody have any idea that would have caused this?

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It's good that you replace the veggies daily for two reasons. One so it doesn't attract invaders and two repining fruit/veggies emits a gas that can be poisonous to them. For water, I use Flukers Cricket Quencher Gel. Better source of water, I feel, than misty or wetting a cotton ball as I used to do.

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