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blue lights to simulate moonlight


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I have been interested recently on devising a way to light my hissers cage without upsetting them too much. I didnt want to go rushing into the room in the middle of the night and blast them with fixture light because Im afraid it will eventually stress them out way too much.

I thought about placing some blue lights to kind of simulate a blue moonlight effect. seeing as how complete darkness cant be healthy because even roaches need a little light to see around with.

What do you think? bad idea? or is there another meathod?

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They can't see red light at all. I have a 150w red reptile light that heats the room they're in, and it allows me to view them without them hiding. (It's a little scary seeing just how many roaches there are after dark, as every last one comes out of hiding and every single surface in my tanks are covered!) I also have a hunter's flashlight with a red light for shinning into cracks and crevices, but I use that more for the scorpions. The roaches can still sense air movement and will scatter if they feel your breath, or feel a breeze from moving the lid!

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