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ID for roach please


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I was checking on my lobster roach bin when I found something that definitely wasn't a lobster roach. I'm pretty sure it's a hisser, but I don't know much about how the different nymphs look. It didn't come from me. The only hissers I have are a couple G. oblongota adults and they haven't started producing yet. This one must have been a stowaway with my lobster roach order a while back. Is it too soon to know what species it is? Here are some pictures of it:



I'll probably just isolate it till it molts into an adult to be sure, but I'm curious if anyone knows.

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It is flat, so possibly Aelorupoda insignis. I have not looked at the differences between hissers so that is just a wild guess.

I thought that too at first but it doesn't look like any of the other A. insignis nymphs. They're all very dark with red markings and this one is slightly orange. I think it might just be a G. portentosa, but I'll see what happens as it grows.

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Turns out it was an A. insignis. Its body stayed flat and it started getting darker with red accents.

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No I just put it in the A. insignis colony. I highly doubt I could find that same one again. I really should take some pics of them sometime they're beautiful. I just need to get my hands on a better camera :P

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