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What roaches and places to collect in orlando.

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Hi All,

We are making plans to take a vacation to Orlando this January. The kids are finally old enough to enjoy Disney world and it so happens that my wife has a conference there in January that we can turn into a mini vacation. I have been looking for what species of roach I can collect while there. From the online research I have been doing I only get pest sites that tell me how to eradicate them and talk about the standard pest species, chinese, german, american, etc.

I have heard that Panchlora nivea are in Florida and Eurycotis floridana. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any other species that you can find in florida? Also where might I be able to find them, meaning can they be found in or around Orlando? If so where, or what types of habitats would be good to search for them in?

I know that January is a ways away but I am hoping to get as much knowledge as I can before then.

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