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Lots of Aeluropoda insignis babies :)

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I just checked on my flat horn hisser enclosure and found tons of little nymphs. I don't know if this was one big litter or several smaller ones. From what I can tell there are at least 40 on that one egg flat. It even looks like there are other gravid females as well. Some sources I found on this species said that they were slow breeders and to expect small litters. They are doing much better than I expected.


These guys are quickly becoming my favorite hisser. I just love their shape and crimson markings.

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I can't really get any better pictures with my camera. I tried to take some closeups, but they just look terrible. I'm using a 4 year old iphone camera that's all scratched up. Maybe one day I'll borrow someone's camera and take some decent pics.

These guys are really outdoing all my other hisser species in terms of breeding rates. They just had another litter. There must be at least 100 A. insignis nymphs in there it's ridiculous.

I also had a small litter of E. javanica and G. oblongonota. Still nothing from E. chopardi yet.

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