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Today is Beetle Day! :D

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It was a nice day to chill today. I managed to pick-up 3 beetles from my roof deck in less than 30 minutes with me just sitting there.

Not really an insect lover but beetles have always held a special place in my heart :D

Beetle #1.. A shiny bronze colored fella. Flew right into my face, twice lol


Beetle #2.. Had an elytra that is somewhat frosty like a refrigerated grape


Beetle #3.. Was a nasty one. It had mouthparts that could literally bite your skin off


Picked this one outside. This'll make a perfect "tree" for a small arboreal creature. This driftwood really was the highlight of my day lol


A morning view from my roof deck. I was like, WTH?!


Enjoy your monday guys. I sure did! :D

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I originally live in Bahrain (somewhere in the middle-east) but i'm currently in my resort house in the Philippines. Though a tropical country (the rest suffers from 102F), the place i'm at stays at roughly 75F coz it's like on top of a mountain, hence the pine trees lol

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