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Exotic Lizard Toime! :D

Tongue Flicker

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Good day everyone and welcome to yet another scaly birthday celebration!

Shown here is a lizard that some of you may not have seen or heard of yet, Luzon Giant Forest Skink (Sphenomorphus cumingi)

This was him when he was a baby. Barely 1.5" long amd rarely seen above the soil.


4 months later, he was a flamboyant wanderer :D


How to tame your dragon! :D (mini-Godzilla mode)


Taming the dragon, success!


Out and About


At 7 months old, Just chillin'


This makes for a good Lion King remake


The birthday boy!


Aww the baby is stressed hence, the stare down! :P


For his bday, he had lots of snails, millipedes and rotten figs that he loves sooo much :D

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