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Planning a trip to orlando, what can I find

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I am planning a trip to Orlando FL in January. I will only be there over the course of a weekend so what are my best options for finding some new roaches to bring back home? Does anyone know of any species that stay relatively close to orlando or should I consider taking a little road trip out of the city. I would like to find some

Eurycotis floridana

I have heard that B. canifer and panchlora nivea have established themselves in parts of florida but im sure its not as easy as going outside the hotel and flipping a board.

Does anyone have any info on what I can realistically find in or around the city? Perhaps not too far outside it, although we may be making a trip to the beach, most likely cocoa.

All I can really find from my searching online is the standard pest control info and Im more looking for what to look for to collect.

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Yes as all us breeders know, all the majority of mankind thinks of roaches is kill, kill, kill. Unfortunately. I took a trip to Disney back in May, but didn't see roaches anywhere so I couldn't tell you where to look. There is at least one small insect/arachnid display somewhere in animal kingdom. Maybe the people there can know of some roach breeders who can help you. Good luck!

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