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One of the black stallions (hisser)


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How many hissers do you have in it currently? How long have you had this setup? If I were you I wouldn't let it get too crowded. I have tried natural setups for hissers several times to no success. My problem was that the hissers would stack on top of each other and smash the plants, which killed the plants. Also, make sure they are well fed as my hissers started to eat up the ivy I had in with them. Another thing I found is that if you keep fresh green oak leaves in with them, they tend to go after the laves rather than the plants. The most success I have ever had with hissers and live plants is to just keep a few males (like 15) in the enclosure. One of the tricks that I found out is that if you build up the substrate to around 4 inches, you can dig a hole and place the plants in it still in the pot. That way, if the plants die, you can just quickly replace it with another by lifting it out of the enclosure. Maybe it will turn out different for you. Perhaps mine were just bulldozers :)

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This has been about a year, it has about 15 (and two male dubia) in it now. They don't really touch the plants and I ALWAYS have goldfish food available to them and supplement with fresh foods. Numbers are controlled by giving away/feeding off extras

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