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Strange little bug- Should I be worried?


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Hello, I am new to this roach forum, and I just recently began to nurture a Dubia Roach colony. Bought a couple from a guy on craigslist, and i just recently had my first female give birth- What an exciting event! Anyway, I was routinely cleaning up their bin and adding fresh food, when i noticed a little scuttling around, and to my closer inspection i saw it was not a roach but some other small insect. I was mortified, mainly due to my investment already being contaminated and I not knowing what it was.

My question is, can anyone identify it/tell me if its worth noting? As soon as i saw it i immediately scrubbed my bin and transferred all the roaches over to start fresh. I took a few pictures of the bug just in case.

The images are in an Imgur album since they are too large for this forum. Thanks again.


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