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My cockroach colllection (Started the hobby a year ago)

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This is my current Cockroach colony. What do you guys think??

Hissing roaches Gromphadorhina portentosa & Princisia vanwaerebecki




Blaptica dubia (Food for my girlfriends tarantulas)



My Peppered roaches (Archimandrita tesselata)



My Cuban burrowing cockroaches (Byrsotria fumigata)



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Awesome color pattern on Princisia vanwaerebecki, now I want some

Princisia is a junior synonym of Gromphadorhina (there is no such genus as Princisia) and the Gromphadorhina pictured is not the one most often mislabeled "princisia." That beautiful form of Gromphadorhina should be very easy to find if you look for tiger hisser.
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The one at the top is beautiful. Tiger Hisser correct? The 2nd and 3rd I'm sure are Madagascans. The fourth is cute with the orange, like a dog putting its paws up. The 5th and 6th are Deaths Head, right?

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The 5th and 6th are Deaths Head, right?

Nope, I see no Blaberus in there. As posted by RomanBuck, there are Dubias, then Archimandrita, then Byrsotria fumigata females. But I was told that people are still wondering if the Archimandrita should be part of the Blaberus genus because they are similar.
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