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Herps as Holiday Gifts: the 5 Best Species


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Hi, Frank Indiviglio here. I’m a herpetologist, zoologist, and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx Zoo

While most herp enthusiasts would be thrilled with a live holiday gift, it’s important to think very carefully before you make a present of a reptile or amphibian. Difficult as it may be to believe, the recipient may not share your enthusiasm! Presenting a pet to someone who is unwilling or unable to provide proper care is unfair to both the person and the creature. This is especially true of children…you must speak with their parents beforehand, and explain all that is involved in caring for your intended gift. With these cautions in mind, let’s look at some reptiles and amphibians that are well suited for mature children and adults new to herp-keeping. http://bit.ly/1xZCFwc

Please also check out my posts on Twitter http://bitly.com/JP27Nj and Facebook http://on.fb.me/KckP1m

My Bio, with photos of animals I’ve been lucky enough to work with: http://bitly.com/LC8Lbp

Best Regards, Frank

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LOL! Yes, some of us do not get that other people do not share our enthusiasm for reptiles and bugs. So it is important for use to read this!!

As a boy, I gave my mom all sorts of herps and bugs which was okay as I cared for them; then I saved up and bought her a pair of doves. She enjoyed seeing mourning doves outdoors, but these ring-necks began cooing before sun-up, and continued all day! They didn't ;last long!

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