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The 5 Best Gifts for Reptiles, Amphibians & Their Owners


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Hi, Frank Indiviglio here. I’m a herpetologist, zoologist, and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx Zoo

Today I’d like to offer some gift suggestions for the herps and herp owners on your holiday shopping list. Several are items that we just never seem to think of, despite the fact that they can lighten our workload and improve our pets’ quality of life. Others can be classified as critical life support equipment for certain creatures. Included are some that I have tended to do without – until I saw how much easier life became with them! Please see the linked articles and post questions below if you’d like further information on any of the products covered here. Read the rest of this article here http://bit.ly/1JaKhVh

Please also check out my posts on Twitter http://bitly.com/JP27Nj and Facebook http://on.fb.me/KckP1m

My Bio, with photos of animals I’ve been lucky enough to work with: http://bitly.com/LC8Lbp

Best Regards, Frank

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I wish I had the cork bark for my roaches... I would probably save more money in the long run

It is quite expensive, but I've obtained several very large pieces from pet stores when they put it on sale. I got one piece that used to be $30 for $15. I regret not buying the other piece they had that was the same price.

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I think LLLReptile sells large cork flats for $24 for 3. I've ordered several things from them, and they are a really good company. Really easy to contact if you have any problems with your order. There is shipping on the cork though. I would try Amazon too. They put stuff on sale sometimes. Maybe you could get a large piece when they put it on sale. Petsmart sells large cork rounds. Those can be cut into 3 smaller cork flats. I found that technique very useful when I had a bunch of hissers. Good luck finding some cheap!

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If only I lived in California lol. I would grow my own tree...

Could lead to a business maybe?...supermealworms, albino Burmese, waxworms - all started as "hmmm...I wonder..." (plus some funding, of course! I wonder what's involved, and about their protected status if any...limited in range, mainly Portugal I believe? best, Frank

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