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Which roaches get sold or fed first?


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After about 2 yrs I've finally got my dubia Roach colony pretty good size and I'm ready for my second bin. the question that I can never seem to find answered is which roaches to a feed to my lizards first? Visit the nymphs or is that the males? Before I actually said too many males and it caused the problem they had to buy more males. I looked all over for months and never seen any discussion about this. Also is there a term that I'm missing like culing your colony or feeding out or something? Thanks

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If your colony is large enough you should be able to feed just males. I keep my colony around 1:4 male to female ratio. Remember, females can retain sperm, so even if all the males are fed off, females that have mated will still produce. It takes more unsexed nymphs for a feeding than adult males, this over time will reduce the productivity of your colony as you will be losing future breeding females. You can also sex your large nymphs and feed the excess males.

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