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Alright. We went back to the pet store and got the adult female.

I named her Lady.

So now we have Chika, Lady, and Carlito. Chika is the juvinile.

Do you guys know how long gestation is for? My friend told me he saw someone pushing out an eggcase but that they sucked it back in?

How long till we know if the eggcase is viable?

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Gestation is usually 2 months sometimes long sometimes less.

They thermoregulate their egg cases (pushing it out sucking it in)

You'll never know if the egg case is viable. If it's not the female will push it out and drop it. Don't try saving it cause it's not gonna happen lol. With egg case laying roaches, if it shrivel ups it's definitely not viable.

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oh thank goodness, i thought pushing it back out and pulling it back in was her way of trying to reject it and then changing her mind?

We have been keeping one side of the enclosure moist and have the whole thing sitting on a heating pad, which is evaporating the moisture in the enclosure pretty quickly. We are having to moisten one end of the enclosure every day.

I hope that is normal.

Soon i'll be ordering some Question Mark nymphs and another enclosure to house them in. i'm so excited.

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LOL after talking to my friends at the Fish Bowl shop in town they are going to sell me one of their little 2gallon glass tanks with a glass lid for like 10 bucks when i get paid. Totally happy about that.

Also,.what you guys think about this?


She looks a lil tubby eh? My boyfriend thinks its been too long and that she cant possibly still be preggo,.but shes pretty rotund compared to the other two.

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Okay so, i got the container for my Question Marks today. I'll be ordering them soon. Like five for so just because idk. im a girl and i just want to feel like im giving them all attention you know? i want to get them out and hold them like we do the Madagascars.

I'll be keeping my Q'Marks in a 2 gallon hexagon fishtank with a heavy lid. I paid my BF 1.50$ because i feel bad for using his coconut fiber xD

I still need to buy a climbing branch for them from the Fish Bowl (my friends' shop) and silicone up the hole in the lid.

I like the shape of this tank, i just wish it were glass because the heating pad cracked the Hissers' enclosure. The temperature strip says its about 86-87 degrees in there. Is that enough to crack the plastic? or is it the hot/wet combo?

Can someone PLEASE take some pictures of the QM's in their hands?

There are seriously TWO videos on YouTube and neither are exactly helpful.


Also, about the QM ooths.

Should i take them out when i find them?

In a container like a 2g hex, will the number of ooth pile up and litter the ground?

Ill only be getting five or so, and i know it takes the ooth a while to hatch (3 months from what ive heard) but how often to they lay ooth?

What temperatures should i keep the eggs at if i do decide to remove them?

should i set them aside so i dont damage them while cleaning the container?

Should i /not clean/ the...how often should i clean it?

im worried.

My goldfish died today.

im depressed.

i really want my roaches to be healthy.

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The adults usually live a few months, not a few weeks, and nymphs can sometimes take 2 years to mature lol! They only need temps of 70 or above to breed, so you could keep them colder than you are right now and not risk breaking the tank. I believe they lay many ooths, and you can keep them in the tank with the adults.

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My female matured when I got the shipment in way back in September of last year. Leave the ooths in there. It's truly the best especially since if they are laying in the cage it usually means the conditions are right. I would suggest keeping them at least 80 degrees as they will be more active.

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Okay, so,.Chica is trying to expel an egg-case i think. or maybe shes acclimating temperature?

but uhm..

Chica is a juvenile?????

I didnt think a juvenile madagascar could get pregnant?!

its freaking me out.

We've been waiting for Lady to have babies, shes /obviously/ pregnant.

but ughghhhhhhh

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Well, if chica is truly pregnant, then she is an adult. She may be a small adult, but an adult nonetheless.

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and shes pretty small too. Its making me thing the other two at the pet store arent Madagascars either.

Even the little male (not Carlos) is small and black like Chica.

Maybe they are hybreds or another type of hisser? Chica does hiss, she hisses to herself even when the others arent near her.

Quite loudly too.

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