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Orange Heads for Sale/Trade

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Posted by Doug Gosnell on 4/23/2006, 8:04 pm


I have 1000s of orange heads Eublaberus Prosticus that I am looking to trade for other roaches or tarantulas. I have some B. dubia Orange Spotted as well, just not nearly the quantity as the orange heads. Don't be bashful, no reasonable (or unreasonable) offer refused, I need to reduce what I have before they go crazy with the warm weather coming.

The roaches I am looking for are:

P. Aegyptica desert

A. tesselata Peppered --- especially these!

B. Giganteus Giant Cave

Bystroides Fumagata Cuban Burrowing

B. Craniifer death's head - please no hybrids

Also VERY interested in easy to keep tarantulas, I am a beginner with these.

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