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Roaches - many rare species

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Posted by James - blaberus on 5/11/2006, 1:16 pm

PRICES INCLUDE FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING AND MY PERSONAL LIVE GUARANTEE!! Check me out in the dealer section for comments from other AB members!!! blaberus.com

Includes many good sized roaches and extras!!!!! WE ALSO SELL BY 10 LOTS ON OUR WEBSITE!!!!

Lobsters $15 per 100 shipped, $10 for each addtional 100.

Blaptica dubia $50 per 100 shipped (nymphs with a few adults)

Blaberus discoids $40 per 100 shipped (many large nymphs)

Blatta lateralis $30 per 100 shipped (includes many adults)

Blaberus fusca $45 per 100 shipped (medium to large)

Blaberus hybrids $40 per 100 shipped (really good sized)

Normal LARGE ADULT Hissers $45 per 100 shipped (monster adults)

VERY HARD TO FIND STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaberus giganteus $2.50 each (down to about 50 left)

Blaberus colosseus $3.50 each (only 25 left)

Blaberus boliviensis $1.00 each

Eublaberus distanti $8 per 10

Hormetica subcincta pairs $20 per pair. VERY LIMITED (only 5 pairs left)

Therea petiveriana (DOMINO ROACH) $10 each VERY RARE (only 15 left and it's been a full year between now and the last time I offered these)

Any questions you can call or email.

James Tuttle




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