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Tiny winged adult dubias!

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I noticed, while feeding some baby dubias, that one of the tiny nymphs looked weird. It appeared to have wing buds like a subadult male even though it was only a fraction of an inch. Here's a zoomed in picture of the nymph next to a penny for size comparison- it's kind of blurry but you can just barely see the wing buds on the left side:


So I dug through the bin a little bit, and to my astonishment I found what appeared to be a tiny adult male dubia with full sized wings!


A little more searching not only turned up two more winged males:


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And then I found this shiny black nymph that turned out to be a miniature replica of an adult female! You have to look closely.


This is so bizarre to me! Is this normal? I know my bin is pretty warm and that speeds insect's growth and causes small imagos, but this seems far too extreme for that. The female even looks like it might be slightly gravid ( or maybe just well- fed)- I wonder if she'll make a tiny, proportionately small ootheca? At the moment I have all the "dwarfs" separate from the other roaches, I'll try to post a picture of them next to their regular- sized counterparts to show just how small they are!

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WHAT!?!?!?!? A tiny dubia species!?!? That's awesome! Can you isolate them possibly?

EDIT: Oh, you already isolated them, my bad!

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I thought you were serious. I actually had an adult male that matured earlier in life at only half the size of normal males, not penny sized though lol. he had light wings and dark body but didn't live too long and he never tried mating. He was in a post a year ago I'll have to see if I can find it.

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