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WANTED: Some rare roaches and bugs!

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Posted by InvertKurt on 5/11/2006, 10:22 pm


Well, I will be finally going to graduate school starting in August and due to the fact that I was offered a Teaching assistanship, I have some money available. I was semi-retired from the hobby... but I am looking for the following... I am only looking for adults/groups so I can have at least one male/one female...

-Macropanesthia rhinoceros

-Pseudomops septentrionalis

-Elliptorhina chopardi

-Tiger hissers (sorry, the name escapes me)

-Snails, mainly landsnails

-Hammatocerus purcis

-Platymeris biguttata

-Abedus herberti

-Any rare/rarely seen/hard to find insects and invertebrates

I also have some corals, aquatic plants, marine macroalgae, supplies, and car parts available for trade! E-mail me at hbk440@adelphia.net

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