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"Yellow" B. dubia Experimental Cultivar


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So after I talked with you all about it, I've decided to cultivate my own line of yellow dubia! It's something that makes breeding them a little more exciting (not that I'm not having a blast already!)

They are only a "dirty" yellow or tan right now, but I'm hoping to eventually produce a very light animal.

One happy yellow family


A very yellow nymph


"Lucy," who was nearly solid orange before this molt


A male with a fancy protonum; a sign of reduced black pigmentation?


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Hisserdude, thank you so much! :) I'm pretty excited, too.

Can't believe I forgot this guy! Very light male with CLEAR protonum!


One more light nymph ;)


*DISCLAIMER* I've just realized how this might look, and the white specks and flakes are NOT grain mites. XD They are bits of oatmeal baby cereal. Messy eaters!

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:) Thanks, Pierre! It's just another word for line breeding. Basically when you separate out animals or plants for selective breeding, you can end up with a "line." Although it's usually used for plants, I like the portmanteau "cultivar," which just stands for "cultivated variety."

Been extra busy the past couple of days, but I wanted to show off some more weirdos coming out of my bins! I had to watch all three of these for a few days to make sure it wasn't just an issue of hardening up after a molt.

Very light male nymph. Was really surprised at how light yellow he is compared to the gold of most of the others

https://dl.dropboxus... 6 09 27 PM.jpg

Really bizarre female nymph with a harlequin look; did a double take when I found this one

https://dl.dropboxus... 8 33 36 AM.jpg

Adult male with a bad molt. He's very short and his wings never fully unfurled, leaving him with curly wings

https://dl.dropboxus... 4 59 21 PM.jpg

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The adult male with a bad molt's pronotum looks very dark... No patterning on it. (I think the pattern you see on many blaberid pronotums is actually muscles showing through.) could you post some pictures of "normal" roaches in your colony? (I like dark ones better.)

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No problem, Salmonsaladsandwich! :) My adults are really quite dark with no patterning. That's partly why these yellow ones have been such a surprise.

"Normal" adult female from my colony


"Normal" adult male from my colony


Bonus, new calico nymph


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