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Need care help! (P. aegtiaca, B. Peruvianus)

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Need care help for my soon coming

P. Aegtiaca,(Egyptian sand roaches)

B. Peruvianus (Peruvian cave roaches)

any information or link would be useful, do they need substrate? if so, what best?

what would they eat? is fruit, veg and bug grub enough?



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Polyphaga definitely need substrate, coconut fiber and dead leaves will do, at least 2 inches deep. They need dead leaves in their diet, it is basically all they eat. They'll nibble on dogfood and fruits, etc. They like it dry. Also they can take two plus years to mature, so be prepared for a long wait!

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Do you have any experience with any other Blaberus species? If so, they are like any other Blaberus species for care :). nice deep substrate that is moist. Its a pretty nice species to have if you ask me :).

why so nice? i'm in england, are they rare here?

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"nice, deep substrate"

Perhaps using "nice" in this manner is an American idiom that does not translate into other versions of English...

It just means a relatively deep substate

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