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newborn Madagascar hissers.

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so, our female had her babies on April 14th, 2015. When should we expect their first molt?

We have them on moist eco earth and they are near a heating pad but not directly on it so their temp is about 75F degrees .

Ive heard people say that we lose about half of them between now and adulthood. These being our first batch of offspring i really don't want to lose any of the babies :c

we've started calling them the 'grandbugs'.

gotta love babies!

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There are several variables that affect the waiting time between birth and the 1st molt. The obvious ones are: temperature, humidity, light or dark conditions, density, food amount and desirablity. If all things are perfect, it would not take more, usually, than two weeks for that 1st molt and quicker, most likely.

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OMGosh. we have molt number 2!

My boyfriend and i have been taking pictures of each molt because they look so differint.

I was not expecting a second molt this quickly after the first. The little one is stil white..so we dont know what he's going to look like yet.

So Excited!

On that note, the second batch of babies havent had their first molt yet..we need to get them into a similar container as the first batch.

Goodness im so excited.

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